HERA Workshop: Making War, Mapping Europe

Making War, Mapping Europe

Workshop, Swansea University, 23 and 24 January 2015

Location: James Callaghan Conference Room, James Callaghan Building, B02, Swansea University

Friday, 23 January

12:00: Lunch in Fulton House

1300 to 15:00: Project Presentations

13:Oliver Stein

13:30: Sheona Davies

14: Fergus Robson

14:30: Paul Fox

15:00: <Coffee Break>

15:15: Online Exhibition

16:00: Discussion of Annual Report

17:00: Close

Saturday, 24 January

8:30: Arrival

9:00: Welcome

9:15: Anne Maguire, The Journey: Travelling to War with West Indian, South African and New Zealander Troops

10: Oliver Stein, Oriental Journey – German Soldiers’ Experience in the Ottoman Empire, 1914-1918

10:45: Coffee Break

11:00: Fergus Robson, French Soldiers’ Gaze upon Italian and Egyptian women: Gender, Masculinity and Sexuality in Militarized Cultural Encounters’

11:45: Sheona Davies, Erlebnisse, Erfahrungen and Erinnerungen: memory and authority in soldiers’ accounts of the 1813 Russian campaign.

12:30: Paul Fox, Military operations and the traveler in Egypt, 1882—1885.

13:15 Lunch

14:15: Roundtable Discussion

16:00: Close




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