Research Seminars


November: Mikhail Yu. Nemtsev (Russian Presidential Academy of National Economy and Public Administration), “ESLI ZAVTRA V POHOD”: Variations of everyday militarization in Russia today’.

October: Wendy Kozol (Oberlin College), ‘Ornamenting the Unthinkable: Visualizing Survival under Occupation’.

June: ‘The Militarization of Everyday Life in Europe: Past Practices and Future Challenges’ (multi-participant workshop).

May: Tilmann Altenberg (Cardiff University), ‘Our Kind of Hero? Reflections on War Heroism in Times of Peace’.


May: ‘Ruination and Photography: Bodies, Minds and Buildings in Post-War Europe’, a panel discussion with Dr. Tom Allbeson (Cardiff University); Dr. Rebecca Clifford (Swansea University); Prof. Claire Gorrara (Cardiff University).

‘Military Culture and the Militarization of Society and Culture’, a panel discussion with Dr Tilmann Altenberg (Cardiff University); Dr Jonathan Dunnage (Swansea University); Dr Christoph Laucht (Swansea University); Dr Eugene Miakinkov (Swansea University).

January: ‘Narratives of Conflict and Disaster Workshop’, a joint event of the Conflict, Development and Disaster Research Theme in the School of Modern Languages, Cardiff University and Conflict, Reconstruction and Memory Research Group at Swansea University.


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