About CRAM

Founded in 2015 at Swansea University, our mission is to promote the study of conflict, post-conflict reconstruction, and the memory and commemoration of conflict from inter-/multi-disciplinary perspectives across our institution and in collaboration with other universities, centres of learning and research and non-academic bodies.

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– To facilitate knowledge exchange and discussion through the development of networks of researchers across Swansea University and in other universities and centres of learning and research;

– To relate research undertaken within the Group to present-day issues regarding conflict, reconstruction and commemoration, and to interact and possibly collaborate with practitioners of commemoration and post-conflict reconstruction;

– To collaborate with local (and possibly non-local) heritage institutions (archives and museums) in projects relating to the themes researched by the Group.

– To support an active research environment by sponsoring a programme of research seminars delivered by internal and external speakers

– To develop collaborative external funding bids for projects related to the themes of the Group in conjunction with internal, national and international partners, for self-funded projects and doctoral supervision

– To encourage the engagement of postgraduate students with the research of academics in their own department and beyond.

The CRAM logo was designed by ABC Design and Communications Ltd.


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