Picturing Peace with Dr Tom Allbeson

A research workshop was held in Edinburgh from 14-16 June examining the relationship between peace and photography.  It was part of an ongoing collaboration between CRAM member Dr Tom Allbeson (Swansea University) and Professor Jolyon Mitchell (University of Edinburgh).

‘Visualizing Peace: Photography, Conflict Transformation and Peacebuilding’ brought together over a dozen academics and photographers from across Europe and the US to analyse the role of photography in the work of conflict transformation and peacebuilding. Discussions covered a range of disciplinary perspectives, historical periods and geographic locations to examine what contribution photography has made and can make to the challenge of curtailing conflict, sustaining civil society and building peace.

Speakers at the event each circulated draft chapters ahead of the meeting. A short presentation was made by each contributor, followed by comments from a respondent to stimulate discussion. This debate on preliminary research was very constructive and the chapters will be developed into an edited volume of essays over the next year.

Gu Ying

In collaboration with Edinburgh College of Art and the Global Justice Academy, a masterclass was held with photographers and educators Martina Bacigalupo, Colin Cavers and Paul Lowe.  The Global Justice Academy also facilitated a photography competition.  The photo above by Gu Ying (Nanjing University) won a commendation.

The project is supported by an ‘Experts Meeting’ grant of €30,000 from the Social Trends Institute.



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